I am a fan of personal game developers. I like to design games and I like to study APP STORE. Like to work with people. If you are an individual independent developer, or a game enthusiast, or a small team. . . . As long as you are willing to be friends with me and want to communicate with me about game development or operation, you can send me an email. . . Welcome friends from all over the world to email.          我是一个个人游戏开发者爱好者,我喜欢设计游戏,也喜欢研究APP STORE。喜欢与人合作。如果你是一个个人独立开发者,或者是一个游戏爱好者,或者是个小团队。。。。只要你愿意与我做朋友,想要和我交流游戏开发或者运营,你都可以给我发邮件。。。欢迎全世界的朋友来邮件。